The Procreate Office Brush Pack

How a day at the office sparked creativity.
Back in the day, I sketched with office supplies while waiting for my computer to process large files. I found some of my best ideas and happy accidents came out of these sessions. Switching things up sparked my creativity. To this day, I still prefer sketching with a regular ballpoint pen because of this.
Feeling nostalgic, I crafted an authentic brush pack to replicate that experience. Ballpoint pen, fountain pens, gel pen, highlighter, permanent markers, technical pencil... The set even includes a spilled coffee smudge tool and greasy lunch smudge tool to keep it fun and loose. I use them often for finished illustrations, sketching out quick ideas, and doodling. They’re perfect for keeping it fun, getting outside the box and sparking up ideas.
Optimized for use with the Apple Pencil. Versatile enough to use for illustrations, art, and more.

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